Alamal Alsharif Plastics gained customer trust which was the outcome of its persistence to provide high-quality integrated drainage, supply, and communication systems solutions according to the international specifications. The company is proud for obtaining several quality certifications as it received ISO 17025 certificates, certifying that its laboratories accord with American tests requirements. Moreover, the company’s laboratories are subject to an accurate annual inspection.

Alamal Alsharif Plastics also obtained:

  • Quality Mark from the Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality.
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001

The company follows clear steps to maintain the quality of its products, for example, but not limited to:

  1. Ensure the quality of primary materials used in the production process.
  2. Ensure the quality throughout the manufacturing stages.
  3. Ensure the product quality when coming off the production lines.
  4. Ensure product safety during the loading process.
  5. Provide customer service for support and questions.
  6. Provide post-sale service by responding to complaints and carrying out the inspection and accreditation processes.
  • Alamal Alsharif Plastics products accreditations.

Every product comes off Alamal Alsharif Plastics is a high-quality product manufactured according to specifications adopted in the world’s most developed countries. White drain pipes and fittings, PP fittings, hot water pipes and fittings, and high-density PE pipes are all certified according to German standards.

  • Laboratory

Alamal Alsharif Plastics has chemical laboratories inside the company where the rigorous testing of all manufacturing stages is carried on. These laboratories are staffed by an integrated researchers’ team who perform several tasks such as testing and examining the raw materials included in the manufacturing process and testing the company’s products to make sure of their validity and conformity with the approved standards. Also, They are responsible for inspecting the daily production outcome as well as the warehouses’ products. The quality team is also qualified to maintain the company’s machines and train the production technology workers and the machine workers.

Laboratories department tasks:

  1. Observing inspection, measurement, and testing equipment.
  2. Following up and observing production processes in the factory.
  3. Issuing tests and factory inspection reports.
  4. Issuing final examination reports.

It worth mentioning that, as a part of the laboratories section policy, all reports of quality, inspection and tests that are implemented in Alamal Alsharif Plastics laboratories are archived and saved.

All products dimensions of thickness and length are measured in our laboratories by the most modern measurement and testing equipment.

Laboratory equipment’s for the Granular and Powder materials:

  1. Melt flow tester(ISO 1133)
  2. Sieve analysis test (ES 1992-4)
  3. Flow test (ES 1991)
  4. Heat stability test(ES 1991)
  5. Bulk density (ES 1991)
  6. K-value (ES 1991)

Laboratory equipment’s for the Pipes, Fittings, and Gaskets:

  1. Falling impact test
  2. Pendulum impact test
  3. VST test
  4. Chemicals effect test
  5. Hydrostatic pressure test
  6. Burst pressure test
  7. Oven (Heat reversion) test
  8. Tensile tester
  9. Compression tester
  10. Hardness tester
  11. Thermocycling tester