Alamal Alsharif Plastics produces all plastic pipes, fittings, chemicals, and adhesives used in this field, such as PVC solvent cement, with outstanding customer service before and after selling.

Being part of hundreds of thousands of successful projects throughout almost 60 years guarantees a lot of cross-generation experience and trust in our products and services.

Pre-sale services

In Alamal Alsharif Plastics, we build strong relationships with our customers since our role starts before selling our products. Our engineers help our customers to correctly plan for the project and guide them through the project’s life cycle till the construction implementation.

 1) Pre-construction site survey assessment helps take the suitable economy and investment decisions. Hence the project’s success is guaranteed. Besides, avoiding all costs resulting from an inadequate study of the infrastructure pipe measurements.

2) Design consultation services, including the detailed engineering drawings of the drainage, electrical, and systems design.

3) Projects cost estimation and reviewing the proper use of products depending on the expected loads.   

Post-sale services

  1. Loyalty program support: our strong relationship with our customers is based on the successful permanent projects and the value added to these projects related to the quality, safety, and durable infrastructure they attain by using Alamal Alsharif Plastics products.
  2. System installation check: After systems installation, a specialized staff from the company checks the adherence to the accurate installation methods and tests the products considering safety factors. This guarantees that our systems are designed for long term use; besides, our company issues a certificate accrediting system installation to activate and validate the product’s warranty for their lifelong.

In Alamal Alsharif Plastics, We sincerely care for our customers and provide them with premium services and products that promote their projects’ success.

When it comes to technical support, you will find us, as we are responsible for our partners, and customers can consider us as an essential and reliable partner.