To be the regional leading provider for plastic systems needed for the urbanization and real estate development. We aim to provide solutions and services using the large companies ‘ mechanisms and as brisk as small companies.


Conveying sources of life


  • Leadership: trust, understanding, humbly accepting, and convincing ability.
  • Cooperation: effective participation of the whole staff to achieve a public interest honestly, faithfully, and sincerely. 
  • Responsibility: I can do it with full awareness. 
  • Quality: our business is done with the best quality achieving a competitive advantage and excellent service.
  • Speed: We set priorities to carry out business competently and effectively. 

Added value

Projects that use Alamal Alsharif Plastics’ high-quality products and solutions significantly improve their efficiency and sustainability. Our solutions obtained various ISO certificates and keep up with the international standardizations to boost the projects’ eligibility competency certifications and more balanced consumption of resources.