With our belief in the pivotal role of urban development and the infrastructure projects in societies’ building and growth, we established Alamal Alsharif Plastics in 1964 under the name of Alsharif Plastic Pipes & Fittings.

Moreover, the company is proud to produce and distribute the sewage system supplies as a fundamental part for the development plans, construction, agricultural, and infrastructure projects.

Alamal Alsharif Plastics had a well-established start in the Egyptian market and near-markets in 1995. In the plastic pipes industry, it is considered the best and the most developed company in the Arab region.

Alamal Alsharif Plastics is known for its proficiency in manufacturing water supply systems, sewage solutions, and high-quality water fittings for different sectors in Egypt, the Arab region, and the African countries.

For more than half a century, the company has been famous for its distinguished name in quality and accuracy. The company’s name is the best revelation of it. It could meet its customers’ needs with high proficiency by manufacturing all-diameter pipes for all usages in different sectors. The products and solutions of Alamal Alsharif Plastics include various types of pipes needed for urban development projects, such as water and drain, electricity, and telephone pipes. Also, we provide multiple solutions for the agricultural projects with their specific needs, either in well pipes or construction requirements for all irrigation systems, especially reclamation projects that use modern irrigation methods. For these reasons, to guarantee efficiency and durability, it is inevitable to use Alamal Alsharif Plastics products.

Alamal Alsharif Plastics uses the latest German manufacturing technologies and specifications of water supply, drain and sewage products. The company owns three factories producing pipes and fittings with a total of 93 extrusion and injection machines. The company’s production reaches annually 60.000 tons of pipes and 12000 tons of pipe joints, which provide thousands of successful projects water, drain, and sewage infrastructure supply.

Our development

Alamal Alsharif Plastics company undertook permanent development associated with the Egyptian economic growth. It took advantage of every opportunity in the national market to expand either vertically or horizontally. Our considerable experience contributed to opening new-near markets as well. All of these led to an increase in the company’s annual production capacity, creation of job opportunities in both technical and labor specialties, in addition to the permanent investment in our key staff. To meet the markets’ increasing needs, we increased our production capacity and expanded our factories’ area to 200,000 square meters instead of 90,000 square meters. Accordingly, Alamal Alsharif Plastics products reach was extended both domestically and internationally.

Our company is the optimal starting point for supplying materials the urban development and infrastructure projects as well. It provided the national and the international markets:

  • PP pipes and pipe joints, stopcocks, and fittings.
  • Pressure pipes and pipe joints sized 20m to 710m for feed water.
  • Drain pipes and pipe joints sized from 20m to 710m.
  • Drain systems and electric cable pipes.
  • Wells pipes and irrigation systems of reclamation expansion projects pipes.
  • White drain PVC pipes and pipe joints in building and constructions.